Appearing for the GMAT syllabus


GMAT means the General Management Aptitude Test and is conducted for the students who want to management course further. The students should complete their graduation to join a management course. To prove their proficiency in management course, they should appear for competitive exam and this competitive exam is known as GMAT. This score is accepted by more than 7000 management programs. The students should prove their skills in various subjects such as verbal skills, analytical writing, and quantitative skills and integrated reasoning. So, the students appearing for the GMAT exams should know about the GMAT syllabus. So, they should be familiarized about the examination pattern also. So, they should join coaching classes.

About the GMAT score

The students should be prepared for various sections namely analytical writing assessment, integrated reasoning, quantitative and verbal section. In analytical writing, they should prepare to write on a topic. They should present the analysis of an argument. They should complete the section in 30 minutes. The next section is the integrated reasoning section. In this section, they should attempt 12 questions and should complete this section in 30 minutes. They should solve the questions of graphic interpretation, multi-source reasoning, table analysis and two-part analysis. In this section, they should present their reasoning power visualizing the data. In the quantitative section, they should solve 31 questions. They should complete the section in 62 minutes. They should solve some questions relating to problem solving and data sufficiency. In verbal sections, they should solve 36 questions. They should complete this section in 65 minutes. So, they should solve some of the questions of reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning.

The test is conducted for Graduate Management Admission Council and it is also developed and administered by them.

Preparing for the coaching classes

They should join coaching classes, to be well-prepared for the examination. They can join the classroom training and attend 66-hour session. They can view the AWA essay reviews and also enjoy the other facilities. Joining online classes, they can join the unlimited doubt-clearing sessions, conduct online sectional and full-length tests, and prepare customized study plans for the students. For building speed and accuracy, the mentor conducts timely sectional tests. They prepare advanced practice questions and help them solve the exercises.  They also help them build their stamina conducting full-length tests. They conduct 2 GMAC tests and are provided with different tools such as advanced analytics dashboard along with score predictor. They provide stimulated test environment so that they are prepared to study. The mentors also provide personalized inputs for improving the scores. They prepare unlimited doubt-clearing sessions and prepare a customized study plan and clear their doubts on forum. They also conduct detailed AWA reviews of the students. The students can study online classes and secure study material online. The online mentor also conducts many interactive sessions and the students can attend the online interactive sessions from anywhere. They can study at their own flexible schedule. They can join private tutoring classes and receive personal attention from the mentors. They can study the GMAT syllabus deeply and become confident to appear for the exam.

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