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Half of the entries in the pedigree class in 2009 were Chinese Crested. Sam’s owner had to be persuaded to take the dog after he had been rejected by an adoption agency. Susie Lockheed, Sam’s owner suffered from allergies that could become worse if she was near furry dogs. Susie took Sam for a trial period of two days, but this turned into five years of companionship. Mrs. Lockheed first saw Sam while he was being walked by his first owner.  pigeon pedigree template He wasn’t friendly with her, but she liked his looks as she had owned rescue hairless dogs before. When Sam’s owner had to move house, no shelter wanted to take him because of his age, looks and personality. After winning the title, Sam became the most famous ugliest dog, being featured on CNN and meeting Donald Trump.

Princess Abby was a four-year old purebred Chihuahua who won the 2010 contest. Princess Abby was adopted from a veterinarian a few months before the contest. She competed against Pabst, among others.

One of the world’s ugliest dogs, Miss Ellie also won the 2009 competition in the pedigree category. Unfortunately, she died in June 2010, at the age of 17 and was blind in her last years. Since she won the title she helped animal shelters raise thousands of dollars. She was regarded as a hero in her hometown, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. More than $100,000 was raised for the local humane society. She had appeared in billboards and commercials, and was featured on Fox News.

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