Play Lotto Online Free, Paid Or Play At The Casino?


Lottery games or online casino?

In this article I will talk about lotto and casino. And maybe you understand something very important about your chances of getting rich with gambling. We attack with free lotteries and lotteries

The principle of all lottery games is based on simple rules: a ticket or a lottery ticket to fill out, and a number draw determining the results of the game . Whether you play traditional lottery or online, the system remains the same for this purely random game, with a draw always performed by a random number generator.

Play the lotos of the world on the Internet

Play Lottery OnlineOnline there is a much greater variety of lottery games . Indeed, the possibility of playing the lottery online has, in recent years, made the online gaming industry flourish. Millions of Internet users are attracted to online lottery games thanks to the accessibility to the multiple games offered. In most cases, registration for these lottery gaming sites is free .

Basically, we can meet two categories of online lottery game sites, which differ in their products:

On the one hand, there are sites that sell national lottery tickets online , a very well-known practice in England and the United States, giving you access to the world’s official national lotto games by buying lottery tickets on the Internet. national in a country in which you do not reside . These sites present you with a list of current and future lottery games, you just have to choose according to the biggest prize pool in play. The most complete page on lotos in the world you will find it as often at WikipediaCompetition is raging between these companies and there are also many unreliable companies. Since this is your money, it is better to entrust it to the leader for 10 years, I named TheLotter who has already proven in the past to have made millionaires all over the world. Click here for 먹튀

On the other hand, there are free online lottery games . But there is another possibility that few people think of, and I talk about it at the end of the article and which are the online casinos that offer lottery games. No doubt that the sulphurous side of the casinos scares the average French, accustomed to the FDJ and its PMU .

Play free lotteries on the internetPlay Lottery Online

Besides the world lotteries or the Euromillions draw which are paid lottery games, one can find on the Internet many opportunities to play the lottery for free. Completely reliable, these free lotteries are generally financed by advertising : a simple click on an ad and your game ticket is validated. These free lottery games look like national and international lotteries but they are absolutely free. In general, a draw takes place every day. But it is not forbidden to go around the sites every day to increase the chance of winning.


Among the most well-known paid or free online lottery games there have been:

Many have disappeared in free lotteries as I mentioned in this article . A business model that has had its day and which has disappeared in the era of social networks.

You will understand: if you want to win big only the national lotteries are interesting, the free lotteries they are more entertainment… and the hope of winning a big one which in any case will not make you a millionaire and more often not even rich.

Millions and millions of euros are up for grabs when you participate in national or international lottery games. Consult the national jackpot comparison sites for the choice of your participation tickets. As for free online lottery games, there are many winning possibilities open to you. This can be in gifts (car, interior makeover, …) or money (hundreds of thousands of euros per month, up to 1 million euros to be won … but it has never been won!)

You have 5 minutes? Connect and win small fortunes by playing the lottery online! It’s absolutely free !

You have 5 minutes? Connect and win big fortunes by playing national lotteries around the world! But… because there is a “but”: the chances of winning these lotteries is very very low! As this FuturaSciences article explains to you

But there may be an intermediate solution….

Online Casino Lotto

The online gaming industry has understood the French craze for lotto games and scratch games . The casinos began to offer a few years ago in their wide range of games, alongside the classic roulette or blackjack games, daily lotto draws and of course the dedicated lotto slot machines appeared!

The lotto is a game of chance and probabilities and the players do not think about the infinitesimal winning probabilities offered by the national or transnational lotos, take a look at the probability of winning at the Euromillions for example…. 1 chance on more than 139 million !!! while online casinos have redistribution rates of 97% on certain slot machines !!!

Get ready to combine your love of lottery games with classic slots with “Lotto Madness” at Unique Casino . Stacks of money and lottery tickets will appear before your eyes in this thrilling game, where your chances of winning big are doubled by an intoxicating progressive jackpot.

Open a bottle of champagne by spinning the Magic Wheel to win incredible prizes. Solid silver multipliers and additional free spins are available! If that’s not enough to keep you satisfied, make the game a little more interesting by choosing your five luckiest numbers in a lottery game that will change your life. The more numbers you match, the better your winnings.


Tonight is your lucky night – get ready to rule the lottery world with Lotto Madness!

Lotto Madness Slot Machine Details:

Reels: 5 reels

Paylines: 20 Lines

Wild symbol: The joker

Scatter symbol: Dollar sign

Bonus features: Crazy Wheel Bonus Round, Dollar Ball Progressive Jackpot, Free Spins



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