TOP 10 bathroom trends


A small or large bathroom, if properly designed, can become stylish masterpieces. To do this, it is important to consider every element, including the color and shape of the mirror. The location of all items also plays a significant role in the design of the bathroom. So, closer to the point below in the article.

Bathroom color trends:

  • gold and silver metal;
  • wooden texture;
  • imitation of a green garden, forest or other nature;
  • a combination of black and white;
  • bright shades of bed tones.

Gold and silver colors are most often found on fittings or on the frames of products, for example, mirrors. Plastic, invisible to anyone, parts are already receding into the background.

The same shiny elements will look great against the background of wooden walls, or rather, a material that imitates wood.

A 2D painting with deciduous forests, jungle on the entire wall will create a visual deception that the bathroom consists of three walls, and instead of the fourth, there is an exit to the picturesque edge.

The contrast between black and white will probably never go out of style. And if quite recently such a combination was used in the spirit of a chessboard, now everything is reduced to a minimum. Minimalism is what you should start from. Today, simple, yet luxurious, trends include an extraordinary play with black and white:

“Brick” wall – vintage style. White tiles in a rectangular shape are rubbed. The distance between each square is black, which resembles fresh brickwork. Many designers advise against using even simpler decor details with this design, otherwise you can create the effect of an entrance, although this is also a good idea. Fashion experts are confident that with this solution, accessories and plumbing items in a retro style will serve as an original addition. Thrill-seekers can resort to Gothic;

a black and white vertical strip (5 – 8 cm wide) will visually raise the ceiling. But it is dangerous to play with such colors if the bathroom is very small or, on the contrary, excessively large;

black walls and snow-white plumbing are a great option for large bathrooms, for tiny rooms it is better to use the opposite sequence: black furniture against white walls. In addition, horizontal stripes in the center or bottom of the wall will visually expand the space.

You need to be able to combine a bright tone. For example, if you make the entire bathroom ultraviolet or artificially orange, then after a couple of days such bad taste will start to annoy. Bright colors should be applied correctly, for example, the wall on which the mirror is mounted can be poisonous orange, you can also add orange lamps, frosted glass shelves to it.

Original shapes – trends for the bathroom

Figure in figure is today’s main hit. If you pay attention, you can see how a round mirror is placed in the center of the square structure of frosted glass. If the product itself is large – on the entire wall, then the mirror is placed in the middle of the upper half, that is, the glass is divided in half, and a central point is found in the upper part, in which there is a mirror circle. The free space of the glass can be decorated with small mirrored circles.

The figures are visible everywhere, even on the ceiling. A flat, flat ceiling has long gone out of fashion. Suspended systems form convex figures. Rumor has it that next year it will be fashionable – a flat part of one color, and a convex part of a darker one.

Triangular fixtures, irregular washbasins and bathtubs are all bathroom trends.

The bathroom mirror pushes the walls apart.

The most popular way to expand a room with mirrors is “corridor”. To do this, you need to correctly combine the corners:

  • two bathroom mirrors in the bathtub are installed adjacent, that is, one mirror is located on one wall end-to-end to one corner, and from the same corner on an adjacent (not parallel) wall the second is mounted. Thus, the two mirrors represent two different views, which makes the room larger;
  • two opposite mirrors in the bath are placed opposite each other so that a tunnel is created in the reflection;
  • wide rectangular mirrors expand the walls, narrow high mirrors make the distance from the floor to the ceiling longer. And the square design completely increases the bathroom area.

When you enlarge the bathroom with the help of mirrors, it will have a uniquely positive result if the walls, ceiling, floor have a glossy finish.

It is now obvious what function the bathroom mirror has. But all the chic created can be ruined by the wrong lighting.

Mirror in the bathroom

Playing with light.

It is fashionable to light rooms well now. But busting is also not appropriate here. From oversaturation of light, visual discomfort is created, and the eyes quickly get tired when they are in an overly lit room for a long time.

For small rooms, multi-level lighting is an excellent solution. For example:

  • the first level is the ceiling, where the main lamp is mounted, and along its perimeter there is an LED strip;
  • the second level (option 1) – local lighting, that is, at the mirror. The bathroom mirror should be illuminated from the top or from both sides. This method does not create shadows;
  • second level (option 2) – lamps are built into the steps in front of the mirror.

When the lighting and the mirror in the bathtub are selected, little remains to be done: the arrangement of plumbing fixtures, furniture and the choice of colors.


Final touches.

Furniture and plumbing should be located so that the central part of the bathroom is as free as possible – for small baths, for large ones – this method is not suitable. In a large bathroom, wall-mounted furniture is allowed , but then a pedestal for the bathroom will have to be installed in the middle of the room. You can put a screen.

With small rooms or with bathrooms in which you want to increase the area, you need to act carefully, and most importantly, adhere to the following rules:

  • proportionate furniture and plumbing;
  • the use of corners (corner shower, corner washstand, corner cabinet-pencil case). Thanks to this solution, you do not have to displace the sewer systems to which the toilet is connected. Usually, it is the toilet that does not allow you to let your imagination run wild. But you can not touch it if you arrange other attributes in the corners. In addition, there will be room for a washing machine;
  • multifunctional designs: trio – washbasin, cabinet, bathroom mirror. A pencil case with a built-in mirror is a profitable solution for a large family, because each has its own shelf.

Color matching is the final step. Solid light colors are the right choice. It is not at all necessary to use white tones, you can use pink, green, blue, turquoise and others. However, contrast is not appropriate in a small bathroom. Furniture and doors should be different from the color of the walls. For example, white plumbing and a door, and beige walls. In general, there is a lot of choice.



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