How to Keep a Bag of Shredded Cheese from Going Mouldy Before It’s Used Up?


Cheese –delicious pieces of goodness that turns every food heavenly! Whether you eat it as it is, with pizza, crackers, spread it between slices of bread or sprinkle it on pasta – it is always a delight. It’s one of the most loved foodsaround the world.

Every region has their own way of preparing and using cheese, which is why there are hundreds of varieties of cheese availablearound the world.Each of them has a unique taste, colour, flavour, texture and shelf life.

Whether it’s an imported wedge from the cheese counter or a bag of shredded cheese, we all want our cheese to stay fresh as long as possible. When it comes to hard cheese, you can cut the mould off it and wrap the remaining cheese to store it,but that’s not possible with shredded cheese.

So, to help you with properly storing a bag of shredded cheese, here are some tips to keep shredded cheese as fresh as possible:

Freeze It

The best way to prevent cheese gettingmould is simply by freezing it.However, it depends on how you freeze it, always keep the cheese in the coldest part of the fridge, i.e. back or lowest shelves.

Make sure you use it up within a couple of months, because after that the texture, taste and quality might deteriorate.

Divide It Into Small Portions

Another great tip to store your cheese properly is – never freeze the whole bag of cheese together. Always divide it into small portions so that when you need cheese,you won’t need to defrost the entire bag and freeze it again.

You can defrost only asmall portion, and the rest will remain frozen which will help reduce waste and help the cheese to last longer

Don’t Wrap It Tightly or Too Loosely

We all know a pure cheese emits a natural odour. So, if you’re wrapping the cheese too tightly without not leaving it room to breathe, it will definitely smell and taste like plastic or ammonia.

However, if you wrap your cheese too loosely, it will dryout and become hard, which is not good at all. So be careful when you wrap the cheese, don’t overdo it.

Use Cheese Bags or Cheese Paper

Instead of wrapping your cheese in regular plastic bags use cheese bags or cheese paper. It will help to keep the cheese fresh for as long as possible. It protects your cheese from air exposure while still allowing it to breathe.

Label the Date

DO NOT forget to label the cheese after wrapping it. Before you put it in the fridge, label your cheese with the date. Cheese is best when it’s freshest, so labelling it will remind you how long it’s been in there.

Finally, the shelf life of shredded cheese also depends on its quality. So, always make sure you buyfresh cheese from reputed vendor/manufacturer. If you live or visit Australia, you can contact Pure Dairy for best-shredded cheese. Like its name, every one of their products is pure and high quality.

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