The Best Place to Buy Fresh Cheese Curds in Australia


Cheese curds are moist pieces of curdled milk. They are milky chunks of fresh cheese with a rubber-like texture. Cheese curds can be perfect for a quick snack or can be used in prepared dishes.


Buying cheese curds in Australia is not so challenging, you can go to the nearby supermarket and purchase an entire bag of cheese curds for only afew dollars. The problem is you don’t always get fresh cheese curds at the store. You can buy cheese curds in bulk and freeze them for a few months, but they will eventually lose their freshness and squeakiness.


Cheese curds are a delicacy of Wisconsin, and it is not usually possible to get them at your local grocery store with the same freshness and squeak that they have in Wisconsin.However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Wisconsin to have the squeakiest cheese curds, how you may ask?


Cheese Curds in Australia

A few years back, raw cheese was banned in Australia for safety reasons. Australians were not allowed to have cheese curds. Now the ban has been removed, which is good news for cheesemongers like me. Still, the question is the same, which is where is the best place to buy cheese curds in Australia? Well, I would say anywhere in Australia.

Pure Dairy sells fresh cheese curds in Australia through their wholesale distributors who are all around Australia. Pure Dairy cheese curds are sourced from Wisconsin, which means you have the best cheese curds in the world.

They use IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technique to freeze the cheese curds, which allows the taste, texture, nutritional value, and the squeak to be fully preserved.

IQF technique is used to keep the cheese curds fresh when they are being transported from Wisconsin to Pure Dairy and from distributor to buyers. If this technique is not used, cheese curd lovers who live far from manufacturers will not be able to have the squeaky cheese curds.

IQF also means faster freezing time. By reducing the freezing time of the cheese curds, taste, texture and nutritional value are all better preserved without having to add preservatives and additives. It also helps cheese curds to maintain their original shape. The nutritional value is not altered; so, you get the goodness of cheese curds as they are.

The packaging and freezing process of the Pure Dairy cheese curds allows the end-user to control portion sizes better and reduces wastage. You can also buy cheese curds in bulk and store them for up to 210 days.

To buy the freshest and best cheese curds in Australia, contact Pure Dairy, and they will help you find the nearest wholesale distributor that stocks Pure Dairy cheese curds.


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